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Saturday, September 28, 2013

If the crown fits...

 Yesterday, we had the opportunity to watch our oldest daughter live out many high school gals dream.  She was nominated for Homecoming Queen by her peers.  On a side note... i was homecoming queen at my tiny high school along with king Dan Smith who was king.   i wrote the previous blog post about this dear friend.  This was a much greater honor for my sweet daughter who goes to a very large high school.  i would like to say... i think she had a very huge blast today!  She is so full of fun and light!  

We have been a scurry all week preparing... trying to find a dress... or did i mention 2 dresses... some of the candidates had 3 or 4 dresses!  Shoes... that match that were not going to break the bank and going to the store for the millionth time because i kept forgetting something... on of which was candy to throw at the parade.  

We met at the school and our friend Debbi Carter let us use her lime green Volkswagen bug.  Frankye looked so cute as her dad and i drove her around downtown Lees Summit.  I will never forget the faces of the people and the cheers for Frankye as we passed onlookers from past and present teachers to the kids that she cadet teaches and grandparents and friends.  It was a bit overwhelming for this mom.  Can you even imagine what it would have been like to be God watching as His Son Jesus was walking in the crowds on Palm Sunday?  Seeing all the people glorifying His One & Only Son?  i felt a tiny bit of that...She was stunning... that smile lit up the whole downtown!  His light was shining!  

Then off to our house to get ready for the big game... THIS game was the game of all games of sorts...The Lees Summit Tigers won the game a neck and neck nail biter kind of game in the last minute... The cheerleaders, the marching band, the loud crowd...the beautiful evening it was but best of all... frankye had so many in the crowd to show their love and support... Many of the college students that we minister to and some of her besties from church and friends of ours and grandparents were there to watch their friend or beloved be walked down the field by her daddy to present her to the LSHS fans.  i cannot begin to tell you how i proud, so overwhelmed by the moments leading to this moment.  She looked stunning!  The air was smelled like a fall football game should and there she was... all grown up arm in arm with her daddy!  Oh my goodness... my mind went fast forward thinking of her walking down an isle with a wedding dress on someday... just as we all will who know our Jesus... we are His bride... i know when God looks at us He looks at us the same way.  It is hard to imagine!  My favorite part was as they were introducing Frankye the announcer read... Frankye's interests are Jesus and People!  Did you hear that?  Exactly what God loves!  Unfortunately they did not read all of her bio... They asked everyone what their motto was or favorite quote was for their life but they did not read hers... here is what it was...
 1 Peter 2:9
 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 

She so wanted to SHINE!  well she did!  As she walked down... the people in the crowd cheered at her name the loudest!  She was for sure the crowd favorite!  They then announced who would be crowned was not our sweet Frankye but her good friend Sarah.  Frankye was happy for her... what a complete honor to represent her high school but even more her Savior!  She was able to share with so many what matters most to her heart... Jesus and people...this mom could  not have been more proud and so thankful for a daughter who is a daughter of the king... she lacked no crown... that is for sure...She has been honored with a greater crown that sits on her head but a crown that will be thrown at her Saviors feet one day!  it says in the bible there are many crowns to earn while living here on earth... One of them is the crown of rejoicing! 
The crown of rejoicing: 1 Thess. 2:19, 20.  To those who faithfully are witnesses to the saving grace of God and leads souls to Jesus. This crown has also been named the soul winner's crown. It seems to indicate here that God will be giving a crown to those who have been witnessing to others and leading people to Christ
Telling others about the grace of God, telling others about Jesus, is the greatest thing that you can do for someone while here on this earth. When you help someone to be led to the Lord, you have just been used as a vessel of God.
God will judge you by your willingness and desire to be used by Him to witness to others, not necessarily on how many actually get saved, because we are to water and He gives the increase. There are many Christians who are simply too busy to be willing to be used by God to try to lead others to the Lord. God can fit opportunities for you in your life to witness and work for Him if you allow Him to. Some could be your unsaved friends, family members or co-workers, etc.
 so... if the crown fits... 

Let us all live our lives knowing we are heirs of THE KING!  The crowns that we earn those rewards here on earth we can cast at His feet one day!  Oh may i then in HIM be found!
Reminds me of one of my favorite old hymns.

 Crown Him with Many Crowns
  1. Crown Him with many crowns,
    The Lamb upon His throne;
    Hark! How the heav’nly anthem drowns
    All music but its own!
    Awake, my soul and sing
    Of Him Who died for thee,
    And hail Him as thy matchless King
    Through all eternity.
  2. Crown Him the Lord of love!
    Behold His hands and side—
    Rich wounds, yet visible above,
    In beauty glorified.
    No angel in the sky
    Can fully bear that sight,
    But downward bends His wond’ring eye
    At mysteries so bright.
  3. Crown Him the Lord of life!
    Who triumphed o’er the grave,
    Who rose victorious in the strife
    For those He came to save.
    His glories now we sing,
    Who died, and rose on high,
    Who died eternal life to bring,
    And lives that death may die.
  4. Crown Him the Lord of heav’n!
    One with the Father known,
    One with the Spirit through Him giv’n
    From yonder glorious throne,
    To Thee be endless praise,
    For Thou for us hast died;
    Be Thou, O Lord, through endless days
    Adored and magnified.

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