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Thursday, September 12, 2013

ELEOS... being JESUS

i want to tell you about a man, a place, a movement... When my husband Pat and i were in High School at Blue Ridge Christian class of 1984... i know that dates us.  We had a friend Dan Smith.  We have remained friends for all these years.  i remember one day during lunch (we were part of a bible study or prayer group) Dan was saying that one day when he gets to heaven he wanted a lot of crowns to lay at Jesus feet.  i thought to myself... how arrogant...really!  i do not have the same view any more! This man has lived it... never wavered.  He married the sweetest gal ever her name is Wendy.  They finished college.  Took a job as a music pastor then God allowed them to  travel all over with their music and spent missions in Mexico and gave the gospel.  They then came back to the area as God opened an opportunity to be a music pastor again.  They did this for several years.

 Then God gave them a vision for a radical change.  To open a coffee shop in the Northeast part of Kansas City.  If you like Coffee... you will love it... if you want a bite to eat they have it!  If you want to encourage them visit!  They sold their beautiful house and prayed radical prayers for what it was that God had for them.  THIS place... ELEOS: the definition means:   mercy: kindness or good will towards the miserable and the afflicted, joined with a desire to help them.  A perfect definition of Dan & Wendy!  Now... there are no coffee shops in this part of town.  There is a large homeless population, drug problems as well as prostitution and who knows what else.  This is a grass roots operation.  They have a bible study everyday open to anyone that wants to join and give them food and toiletries to anyone that is in need.  They offer ESL & healthy living classes.  They pray with those in need go on prayer walks and love people.  I am reminded in James how we are to VALUE people... Mercy Triumphs!  Check it out for yourself.

The thing about Dan is... He is a great communicator, pastor, missionary, musician.  He could be working anywhere being paid lots of money but He Radically Obeyed Gods voice and moved his family to the Northeast and began a ministry of LOVING PEOPLE.  Dan is so patient and humble as i have attended many bible studies and am blown away how patient he is.  He lets anyone who wants to read the scripture read, even if they read poorly.  He is slow to speak.  He makes sure God's word is clear and understandable and LOVES them.  He CARES about them.  He has COMPASSION for them.  He wants them to understand the great GIFT God has for them and leads them in such a way.   i am sure it is discouraging many days... 1 step forward and 3 steps back but... GOD... He keeps transforming lives!!!  People are coming to Christ! 

i am telling you all this because i want to be like Jesus and this friend of ours is being like Jesus!  He is LESS and giving.  i want many crowns in heaven to lay at Jesus feet.  i want that for you too.  Give of yourself.  Pour yourself out.  BE JESUS!  Be part of the movement!  GO!
Please check out their web sight below and visit!


love you all... justine

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  1. So excited to see this! you have a blog!! I can follow your days with you from afar now! So excited to see this about Elios as well. Special place there and thankful to have been there with you!