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Monday, May 19, 2014

The God who Sees! Choose to see Him at work in your life!

You are the God who Sees...genesis 16:13.   i've been reminded of this verse several times in the last 6 weird how that works.   Once is interesting for sure but it has been brought up probably in my mind or by someone in conversation or twitter or in a podcast i've listened to probably 13 times....God is so cool like that.

i have been more than distracted these last couple many things...our anneversary party,  end of  school year stuff, lacrosse games, several weddings, discipeling, meeting people for coffee, graduation, ministry responsibilities to name a few and squeeze work in there too.

i'm not telling you this to feel sorry for me in any way!  i love all this in my life but i get so distracted with life and get bogged down with how we will afford it all and fit everything in because it is all to important.  i've  left my purse at HyVee (they had it at customer service...He saw that too) and left my debit card at a restaurant  and rear ended someone in one week time frame.  Contrary to what some of you think...this is not usual for me.  i am somewhat of an air head but not that bad.

Anyway, i've  been asking God many things.  Things i want to change in my life, things that need to be organized, humbled that He is preparing me to facilitate a new bible study starting in June that is if i may say is kicking my butt and how in the world we would be able to afford camp for all three kids!  He so knows!  So... i am going to brag on how God Sees me, my family, my children and this case my teenage son, Noah.

Our son has been looking forward to going to camp again this summer with our church middle school youth group.  It just so happens that this year it falls on the same week as our family reunion vacation.  This might be the last year we are all together as a whole family on vacation since Frankye just graduated.  We had to tell him he could not go.  However an opportunity arose and he was invited to go with another church to go to Florida to the Student Life camp at Daytona Beach, Florida with Louie Giglio and Brad Jones as speakers and Chris Tomlin & Kristian Stanfiel as worship leaders.  The cost for us to send all 3 kids to camp is ALOT of money!
i have just been praying a about this this morning!  i wrote to tell the youth pastor that invited him we were working on getting the money together.  God sees us & knows us...he said that we did not owe anything.  The cost had been taken care of.  i could not believe what I heard!  i had just prayed about this!

i was not doubting that God would not provide but in whole?  As soon as He did?  He loves my son, my family and me!  i am so humbled that He would do this!  i have wept at how He loves us so much today.  So very Thankful!!!!!

Don't think for a moment that He does not see you and your needs as well as some of your wants!  i cannot image my life without my great God!  If you have a need call upon the name of the LORD.  He wants to show His love for you!